Superbowl Sunday is approaching fast! If you have a birthday to plan for at the beginning of February, it’s easy to turn it into a fun football themed party (or if you are like me and find any excuse to host a themed gathering…) Superbowl Sunday is always a fan favorite!
My husband loves football, so any excuse to throw a party for a football game is an easy decision for our house. We love to host & barbecue for game days and Superbowl Sunday is always bittersweet since it’s fun since it is such a big event but at the same time it’s the last football game until the fall. 
My football invitation has been quite popular these past few weeks for Superbowl Sunday themed birthday parties.
Football Birthday Invitation by Ashlynn Elliff
And I also created this other fun Football themed invite that just hit the shop!
Are you ready for some Football Party Invitation by Ashlynn Elliff
Football parties are great because there is no need to be fancy, snacks… BBQ and drinks are really all you need! Check out my party planning tips & tricks here.
Some fun ideas to spice up the football party are:
  1. Have people wear their favorite team gear
  2. Have people wear colors for the team they are rooting for
  3. Have a contest for the “loudest fan,” “best-dressed fan” etc.
  4. Place some gameday bets with your guests
  5. Have some fun kid-friendly games so the adults can watch the game
Decoration Ideas:
Click each number to see the original sources for each photo
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Recipe Ideas:
If you only try one of these recipes…try the spinach artichoke dip (so good!)
Who is ready for Superbowl Sunday now? Check back on Friday I’ll be posting a fun, FREE printable that you will want to use for your Superbowl party!

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