My works weeks are CRAZY right now! As most of you know I have a full-time job and my side business is growing fast (no complaints here!) So I often get asked on how I structure my work weeks and how I fit it all in. Not going to lie every week is a little different depending on how many orders I am working on what I have going on that week. On a typical work week with no other plans or previous engagements scheduled this is what my work week looks like:
Monday – Friday:

6:00 AM
• Get up/Dressed for work
• Check e-mails (respond to super time sensitive ones)
• Pack my lunch (if I didn’t do it the night before), make breakfast (usually a smoothie) and get my coffee ready.
7:15 AM
• Drive to work (my commute is about an hour due to traffic) so I usually listen to music, podcasts or I catch-up with my grandma on the phone
8:00 AM – 12:-00 PM
Full-time job work
12:00 PM- 1:00 PM
(Lunch Break) I work on orders, respond to e-mails,
pick up invitations from the printer and/or mail packages
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 
Full-time job work
Drive home from work
6:00 PM 
Start Dinner & work on orders until I fall asleep!

My Weekends are a bit different. I typically treat my Saturday’s like a “Monday” so I get the majority of my work done on the weekends so during the week I typically am finishing up orders, sending off proofs, working on etsy orders, and working on blog posts and new designs for my shop!
How do you structure your work weeks? Who else out there is working a side-job on their own time?

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