I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am not a Facebook Messenger fan. I am not a fan of it for business or for my personal life. Why, you ask? I’ll give you a couple of reasons.
Number 1: I am honestly kind of over Facebook, if I didn’t have my business page linked to I don’t even know if I would have my personal facebook. My social media platform of choice is definitely instagram! I know that Facebook is a great way to connect with people but at the same time why can’t you just call or text them? I am rarely on facebook unless I am on my business page editing something or checking messages on there.
Number 2: I feel like there is a sense of urgency with facebook. For example, I might have logged on to check something on my business page really quick or check a notification and when I get a message I feel like I have to respond right away because it shows that I have “read” it. I might not be able to answer the question right away (I get so many business-related questions sent to my personal account and sometimes need to check a price, etc. before I can give a good answer) and I feel so awful when I can’t respond right away because I don’t want the person messaging me thinking I am ignoring them. I typically have started replying with asking them what their e-mail address is and try and continue the conversation that way but it doesn’t always work (see number four as to why I like e-mailing better)!
Number 3: I hate that you have to have a separate app… I deleted my messenger app a LONG time ago. So the only time I check my messages is when I’m logged in on a desktop (which is rare). I could have zero messages on there right now or a thousand…my best answer, e-mail me to get the fastest response!
Number 4: My last comment on this is that I have dubsado which is a CRM system in which I run most of my business on. It makes my life 10 times easier! By visiting my website and filling out the form not only will it go straight to my e-mail, it will also set you up in my system so with a couple clicks of a button I can easily send you info & quotes. Meaning less time for you to be waiting and easier for me to get you the info you need ASAP!
When you run a creative small business solo it can be hard to manage every detail so having a streamlined process is KEY! The fewer things in between the better while I definitely do my best to respond to every message on every platform it’s definitely easier to get more accomplished by following my streamlined system than trying to figure out which platform I need to respond to!
What are your thoughts on facebook messenger? What is your favorite way to communicate with people?

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