I could start by telling you all about my resume and my years of design experience but that's the boring stuff! What I can tell you in all my years of designing is that I absolutely love it! If I could design all day everyday, I would be on cloud nine! 

My passion, as your designer, is to help you create a memorable event through high-quality stationery that portrays what you want your guests to feel. My design approach allows for flexibility in the creative process and hands-on customer service from start to finish to ensure a one of a kind experience. So whether you are buying one my editable designs to print at home, a semi-custom invitation that I will edit and fit to your party needs or something totally custom just for you... I will work hard to ensure you have a hassle-free design experience and that you love your final products!

I know that the first impression begins the moment your guest opens the invitation and that each detail is important. From invitation suites to personalized coordinating pieces, I make each detail count. I create every design in-house, so whether you get something pre-designed or something custom you only work with one designer from start to finish. So you can check stationery off your list and let me handle the work and let's get this party started!