Happy Wednesday friends! It’s time for another party planning inspiration post and today is a good one! I found SO many cute & creative ideas on pinterest for this theme and couldn’t wait to put this post together.
This week’s theme is Candy Shop! What kid wouldn’t want a candy themed birthday party?
To start this party off is, of course, the invitation! Not going to lie, this is one of my favorite invitation designs in my collection…
Like I said above I found some amazing party decor ideas on pinterest! I’m going to try my best to find all the original links for each photo for yall….so let’s get started! All the images I are fun & creative ideas that would fit different budgets. I love the idea of a “candy bar” theme and it would be pretty simple to do! I think the only thing that would get costly is how much you wanted to decorate it. It would be super easy to find clear glass jars at the dollar store and fill them up with different kinds of colorful candy! I also found some cute clear scoops from Amazon (keep scrolling for those!). Another fun idea
Another fun idea is that cupcake in a cup with candy at the bottom, that would be a perfect way to hand out caupcakes or as a take home treat!
How fun and colorful are those party inspiration pictures?! It makes me want to plan a candy themed party right now just so I can decorate.
So where do you buy fun candy themed party decorations? Of course local party shops are a great place to start and if you are looking for some fun extras my go-to place is Amazon (even better if you have amazon prime).
Local party shops would be great fo get colorful solid colored plates, napkins, cups & silverware. All you would need to do for those to fit this theme is to get different colors for each item to make them stand out and match with all the colorful candy and decor!
Check out these fun Amazon finds for a candy themed party:
My favorite is that little cardboard candy shop booth! That would not only be perfect for the party but also in the kid’s playroom afterward.
I hope you enjoyed this party planning post and found some inspiration! I would love to hear your candy shop party ideas & if you end up doing this theme!
What party inspiration posts do you want to see next?

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