In the early stages of starting a business one of the most important things to think about is your branding & marketing materials. Today I am going to share what I feel to be the five most important marketing materials you need to start your business.
Number 1: Logo Design
I’m sure you knew I was going to say that one! It seems pretty obvious that if you are starting a business you need a logo… but you’d be surprised on how many people put it off or create a very low-quality one since it is not their priority. Your logo is going to be the face of your business. It is what people are going to remember first. When you think of some of the larger brands out there like Nike, Starbucks, Apple, you can just see the emblem and automatically you know what company it is. That’s the power behind a great logo design.
Now don’t get me wrong I know that logo designs can be expensive (especially when you are just starting out). Finding a designer that is easy to work with and that is also building their portfolio is a great way to get a fair deal on a logo design. If you are really on a budget there are also a lot of pre-made logo templates on etsy that are good for a temporary design. As your business grows you will want to find a designer that can really create a unique & custom logo just for you (one that you will not want to change in a year!) Trust me when I say a logo design will be one of your best investments for your brand.
Number 2: Business Cards
Another obvious option but extremely important. If you didn’t have a business card how would you leave your information with people? How would they know how to contact you? A business card that displays your brand (see how I tied those two together there!) and your contact info is essential when searching for clients. No matter what business you are in you NEED business cards.
Number 3: Personalized Stationery
While a lot of people might not see this as a necessity, I think it is an important marketing material to help grow your business. If someone is paying you for something whether it’s a custom invitation design, purchasing a necklace from you or signing up for your new fitness program, trust me when I say a personalized, handwritten thank you note goes a long way! It will be much appreciated by the consumer to get a thoughtful thank you card in the mail and it will show that you truly care & value their business. Which in turn will lead to repeat sales and they will tell their friends what great customer service you have!
Number 4: Social Media Accounts
Today, social media is everywhere. If you didn’t already know this you have been living under a rock! Not only is it important to have social media accounts for your business but it is important that they all match together (meaning make sure your branding clearly comes across on all your platforms). You want people to be able to find you easily. Don’t create a complicated instagram handle or use your personal name (unless it’s your business name like mine!) because then how would people find you? In this day, people want information fast and social media is one of the fastest ways to get it!
Number 5: Website
Last, but not least, is a website! While I personally recommend launching everything around the same time some people like to wait a little while for a website since it can be an investment and if I am being honest (depending on your business) you might not need one right off the bat. However, you will definitely need one eventually because it is an essential part of your business. It is a place that you can share all of your work, services you offer, prices and even a place where people can buy your items with a couple clicks! This is a great platform to show potential customers
1. that you are legit,
2. the face behind the business (people relate better if they know who is taking their money!),
3. gives them all the information that they need without sending you millions of questions and
4. is easy for you and others to share with friends & family to let them know about your new venture.
These are my personal opinions on the items that I think are the most important for anyone looking to open their own business (or if you already opened one and are lacking some marketing materials!)
I hope they helped you and encourage you to take the next step in your branding. Whether I am able to help you with your designs or another talented designer is you will not be sorry in investing in your company with great branding & marketing materials.
Are you starting a business? If so, what kind?

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