Five Fun Facts About Me!

Five Fun Facts About Me!

Happy Friday friends! I thought I'd change it up a bit today and participate in the popular #fridayintroductions hashtag on social media. I decided to put it up on the blog instead of Instagram that way more people can see it when they visit the shop! 

So let's get started!

Fun Fact #1: I live an (almost fully) paleo lifestyle.
First off, if you haven’t heard of paleo it is basically a lifestyle where you do not eat grains, dairy, legumes, processed sugar, and soy. I always say I’m like 95% Paleo because I do indulge in the occasional cocktail/wine and some hummus! Plus there is only so much you can control at restaurants if you like to eat out.

I have been paleo for over two years now! I decided to eat paleo after my first round of Whole30 when I realized I had an intolerance to gluten and dairy. I actually really enjoy being paleo and it's crazy to see how much my taste buds have changed since cutting out all the processed food. 

Fun Fact #2: I love scary movies
Suspense, Thriller, Horror... all the genres that relate to that I love them. If I am not catching up on TV shows reading a book then I'm looking for a new scary movie to watch (or show... anyone else obsessed with American Horror Story?)


Fun Fact #3: Animal Lover
I have always loved animals and always will. Growing up I had a cat most of my life (even though I am actually allergic to them) and now my husband and I have three dogs and an outdoor cat (he would go crazy living inside). A couple years ago, a friend of mine and I had even started our own 5k charity walk (with your dogs) called Tails & Trails that we had locally to support our local animal shelter. We organized it for a couple years and loved every bit of it!

Our Pets: Cooper, Ranger, Bowie & Slider

Fun Fact #4: Bookworm
I love to read! I always have a book on me (typically downloaded to my phone nowadays) so that I can read in my spare time. Just like my love for scary movies I love a good thriller book. I try and list all the books I have read or am currently reading on my Goodreads account. You can check it out or leave a comment below to recommend any good books you have read lately.

Fun Fact #5: Eclectic Taste in Music
I listen to music probably 90% of the day. I love all genres of music and when I say all I mean ALL. I've got everything from songs from the 50s all the way to Cardi B. I'm not even going to link my Spotify playlists because they are so random! I commute to my full-time job every day so I get plenty of listening time in plus I will have it on as background noise while I work. 


Do we have anything in common? What are some fun facts about you?