My Current Favorite Podcasts

My Current Favorite Podcasts

I have recently fallen in love with podcasts. I will admit I do not listen to them every day but I do try and listen to a couple throughout the week.

A little fun fact is that this is actually not my full-time job! I work an 8-5 job Monday-Friday and commute about an hour each way (it’s actually not that far mile wise but traffic is a whole different story). So on an average week, I have about 10 hours worth of drive time which is where I started listening to podcasts!

I do love my music so there are days where I don’t want to think just drive so that is a Spotify day. Lately, though I have been trying to get in a couple episodes of podcasts here and there throughout the week.

I really like the creative business ones because they really motivate me, I will seriously have a list of things I want to do by the time I park my car. Those I try and listen to in the evenings because if I listen to them in the morning on my way to work I just get bummed that I can’t jump in and start implementing these plans!

I also love a good murder mystery one! I have finished serial (season 1) and have been recently listening to up & vanished and my favorite murderer. I have always been fascinated with murder mystery stories /cases & courtroom drama. Another fun fact: I originally wanted to go to be a lawyer… but I just really didn’t want to do three more years of school (haha).

Some of my favorite podcasts (so far) are:
The Goal Digger Podcast
The Ellechat Podcast
The Creative Empire
My Perfect Murder
Up & Vanished

Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones are your favorite?