New Spring Invitations (Upcoming Spring Holidays to plan for)

New Spring Invitations (Upcoming Spring Holidays to plan for)

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, we are officially moving into Spring! I have already been working on orders for March, April & May events and am having so much fun designing new invitations as well! Spring is one of my favorite times of year (although am totally a winter person as far as weather goes) because there are so many fun holidays & themes during this time.

spring invites by ashlynn elliff

Need a reason to throw a party this spring? Here are some upcoming holidays/events that you can use as an excuse to have a little fun! Also some of these make great themed birthday parties as well.

February 3rd – March 9th – Mardi Gras
February – May – Crawfish Season
March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day
April 1st- Easter Sunday
April 5-8, 2018 – Masters Golf Tournament
April 22nd – Earth Day
May 5th – Cinco de Mayo
May 5th – Kentucky Derby
April – June – Graduation Parties
May – June – End of School Year Parties

Of course these are just a few well known holidays & popular events, there are still thousands of reasons and themes for your Spring Parties this year!

What parties are you planning on throwing this year? Check out my handy post to see how early you need to send your invites out and don’t forget to download your free party planning printable!